Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Co., Inc.

「"Ajinomoto Frozen Foods Frozen Dumplings #NoHassleControversy" Proactive involvement in a social media controversy contributes to the transformation of corporate attitude and perceptions of frozen food

Using frozen foods is not "cutting corners" but "cutting out the hassle." This tweet from the official account of Ajinomoto Frozen Foods started the "no-hassle controversy."

Honda Office, which originally provided strategic PR consulting services to Ajinomoto, was in charge of developing the "no-hassle" narrative and directing the PR after the tweet. Approximately two months after the initial tweet, a press release was issued and the answer video "How to Make Delicious Frozen Gyoza - Big Kitchen" was released.

Through a series of activities that proactively engaged in controversy on social media and led to corporate attitude and brand activation, we succeeded in transforming the persistent perception in Japan that "cooking should be time-consuming." This initiative also contributed to Ajinomoto's business.

  • PR Award Grand Prix 2020 (Japan Public Relations Association) Silver Award
  • Winner of the 2nd Nikkei Woman Empowerment Advertising Award (sponsored by Nikkei, Inc. and Nikkei Business Publications, Inc. in 2021) UNSTEREOTYPE Advertising Awards, Jury's Special Award