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Honda Office is a leading PR planning and strategy firm with dual bases in Tokyo and Singapore.
In all of our work we strive to enrich connections between our clients and the world at large.

Strategic PR planning is particularly important in several specialized communications fields, including corporate management,
global branding,and integrated marketing.
It can even help provide solutions to important social problems.

With over 20 years of experience in strategic PR and corporate PR,
the Honda Office are PR strategists who can solve a wide variety of communications issues.

Our mission is to leverage the power of PR to raise the overall standard of business and bring more collaborative narratives to the world.


Our services


Empowering Management with PR.

Startups that create the next generation need to connect their products and services to society at large.

"Why does your company need to exist?"
It is now more important than ever to build trust with the audience and show what benefits your company is bringing.

Elimnate the "PR Dilemma" between management and PR staff, and integrate public relations together with management.


Empowering Marketing with PR.

In the era of integrated marketing, PR will play an increasingly central role.

Strategic PR is essential, including campaigns around concepts like “creating a certain atmosphere” and “creating a reason to buy.”

Solve the PR Dilemma that exists between marketers and the PR team (both in-house and external), and advance toward truly integrated marketing.

With a Global View

We live in a time that demands a global perspective in management as well as in marketing.

We need to leave behind domestic-only thinking and consider the whole world as our premise.

Honda Office, with over 20 years of global PR experience and network, will support you in communicating with the world.


  • Strategic PR (BtoC/BtoB) Planning and Execution Support
  • Integrated Marketing Planning and Execution Support
  • Global Strategic PR Planning and Execution Support
  • Brand Purpose/Brand Narrative Development Support
  • Conducting Strategic PR Seminars and Workshops

Corporate PR / Startup PR

  • Corporate Public Relations Consulting and Implementation Support
  • Corporate Branding Strategy Planning and Implementation Support
  • Planning and Implementation Support for Global Public Relations Strategies
  • Purpose/Corporate Narrative Development Support
  • Public Relations Personnel Development Support

PR Professional HR Database

  • HR development based on our independently developed assessment model
  • PR professional HR database operation and matching
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The concept of "Narrative" has become more important in the era of reevaluating the relationship between companies and society.
This is a news site for us to deepen our thinking together with pioneers in corporate management and branding.

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About Us

Tetsuya Honda Honda Office CEO / PR Strategist @hondatetsuya70

Tetsuya Honda is a Japanese PR professional named by PRWeek magazine as one of the "300 Most Influential PR Professionals in the World." Honda was awarded "PR Professional of the Year" at the global PRWeek Awards 2015. He is also a board member of the Public Relations Society of Japan (PRSJ).

In 1999, after working in the international division at SEGA, Honda joined the Japanese subsidiary of FleishmanHillard, one of the world's largest PR firms. In 2006, he founded and led BlueCurrent Japan as a spin-off of FH. Published in 2009, his third book, "Strategic PR" (ASCII Shinsho) triggered a PR boom in the marketing industry.

He has worked with numerous domestic and international companies including P&G, Kao, Unilever, Suntory, Toyota, SHISEIDO, LOTTE, and Ajinomoto.

In 2019, he founded the Honda Office. The following year, he launched "SCALE Powered by PR," a growth-oriented PR human resources database, as a joint venture with Vector Group.

He is the author of numerous books, including “Influencer Marketing: That One Person Who Moves 300,000 People!" (TOYO KEIZAI INC.), “Stop Fooling Yourself: Advertising & Mass Media Don’t Move People Anymore” "Strategic PR: Six New Rules to Move the World" (Discover 21), and “The Narrative Company: The Power of 'Stories' to Transform Companies" (TOYO KEIZAI INC.).

Honda has served as an advisor to UN agencies and the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and is a member of the J.LEAGUE marketing committee.

His global activities are also diverse, including serving as an official speaker and member of the jury at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity.

Tsugumi Uemura Honda Office Managing Director

In 1999, while still in university, Uemura began her career as an intern at CyberAgent, Inc. which had 30 employees at the time.

After joining the company in 2000, she worked as secretary to the president and in public relations. In 2005, she established the PR department as the company's first full-time PR manager.

Uemura has been involved in a wide range of PR activities, from corporate public relations, BtoB business public relations, service public relations for BtoB businesses, to crisis response and new business launches. Since 2008, she has been responsible for overseeing public relations for the CyberAgent Group, training PR staff, and spearheading corporate public relations.

She has also served as a lecturer at the "Public Relations Leader Training Course" sponsored by Sendenkaigi and at "KEIZAIKAI ACADEMIA" organized by KEIZAIKAI.

Uemura is the author of "CyberAgent: The Art of Public Relations: Making Growth Multiply" (NIPPON JITSUGYO PUBLISHING).

With the personal theme of "PR that Increases the Value of Business and Management," she stays busy concurrent posts as Senior Manager of the company-wide PR office at CyberAgent and Managing Director at Honda Office since 2019.