Mizkan Holdings Co. Ltd.

Transformed the corporate image with future fans as the target. Facilitated co-creation activities with consumers around “Well-being Through Food.”

In 2018, after 200 years of experience as a vinegar manufacturer, Mizkan announced its Future Vision Declaration as “A Promise For the Next Ten Years.” However, the company recognized that simply offering its existing product range would be insufficient for achieving its Future Vision Declaration.

Honda Office developed a narrative to bridge the gap between Mizkan and consumers. Based on the company’s assets of “health cultivated over its 200-year history” and its straightforward corporate attitude, the proposal was to update the perception from “a company of food products that are good for your health” to “a company that supports the health of even your mind and soul.” We focused on fans ten years in the future(Millenials and Gen Z), with “Well-being Through Food” at the heart of the narrative.


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