KOKUYO Co., Ltd.

Rebranded KOKUYO through the redefinition of its reason for existence and the co-creation theme of “No Idea Goes to Waste.”

While KOKUYO is well-known as a stationery manufacturer, B2B businesses such as office furniture as well as spatial production are actually more dominant. The group’s reorganization led to a revamp of its management philosophy and product lineupwith anannouncement of its “Long-term Vision 2023" in 2021. The challenge was that this update had not penetrated internally or externallly.

Honda Office was in charge of rebranding the company through narrative formulation. Based on the company’s approach to “ideas,” the proposal was to create the perceptionof the company as “a unique challenge collective” for its employees and “a creativity-stimulating company” for its external audiences. The narrative theme of “No Ideas Go to Waste” was drawn out to provide context for redefining KOKUYO’s reason for existence.