Oyatsu Company

From "a nostalgic snack" to "a playful and reassuring snack." Redefined the value of Baby Star Ramen for the future.

A snack with a legacy of 60 years, Baby Star Ramen is popular as a nostalgic treat that is easy to eat. However, in recent years, the experience of children buying Baby Star Ramen from local snack shops is fading into a thing of the past. The brand needed to redefine its value proposition to sustain itself in the future.

Honda Office collaborated with the branding team of Oyatsu Company to develop a narrative that transformed the traditional perception of "nostalgic snacks."

The childlike and freeing feeling that comes from the eating experience of grabbing a handful of the snack made with authentic ramen noodles defined a new perception to be gained: a snack with a playful and reassuring appeal. The fusion of the branding team's discussions and Honda Office's knowledge led to a communication that conveys "playfulness and a sense of reassurance."