World Co., Ltd.

Successful communication of B2B business to "246st.MARKET" stakeholders, creating a narrative that the millennial generation can relate to

World is a company that has been diversifying beyon its traditional field of apparel into BtoB business. But as it was making this shift, it was having trouble conveying its value proposition to its B2B business stakeholders.

Honda Office was in charge of overall planning, developing a narrative, and directing PR for the "246st.MARKET," a time-limited experimental store with a "sustainable" theme. The store was developed as a pop-up next-generation department store that brought together "DtoC brands" in the World Kita-Aoyama Building in central Tokyo. The campaign succeeded in generating strong interest from stakeholders in the BtoB business sector. On social media, posts and reposts reached 1 million people, and 610 articles were published in magazines and online media.

This has transformed the company's perception into "a comprehensive fashion services group that liberates the ecosystem," creating a new narrative of a company that brings together DtoC brands with a vision that the millennial generation can relate to.

  • Sustainable Award of the Japan Space Design Award 2021 (Japan Commercial Environment Design Association and Japan Design Space Association).


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